• May 26th, 1972, Roots Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established by founder, Mr. Tony Hsu. Initially operating from a small leased apartment in Taipei City. As the Taiwan Cycling Industry was just beginning, Mr. Hsu saw opportunity in producing derailleurs in Taiwan since at that time there were no domestically made derailleurs and the import of derailleurs were very limited in supply.
  • First products made were friction 10spd and 12psd derailleurs sets sold to local Taiwan bicycle manufacturers.


  • With success in initial sales, the derailleur sets are given a brand name. The “Sun Race” brand name is registered and trademarked.
  • Friction 15, 18, and 21spd groups are introduced
  • The first formal catalog is produced showcasing the broad product range


  • Moved to a new location in the Min-Shen Community of Taipei
  • Sunrace produces it’s first Index shifting systems
  • Built 14,000 square foot manufacturing facility/corporate headquarters in Sanchung, Taiwan. In house manufacturing and engineering begins from new location.
  • Introduced Computerized Management System, streamlining production, inventory, and sales.


  • Joint research and development project between Sunrace and Taiwan Government creates ITRI. (Largest Research Center in Taiwan with over 6,000 in staff and 1,000 PHDs)


  • After a leading drivetrain manufacturer declares bankruptcy, Sun Race decides to enter the US market and supply to OEM and aftermarket demands. Sun Race USA was founded in Oakland, California.


  • New factory in Sanchung further expands increasing to 58,000 square foot. The modern 7-story building improves production layout and capacity.
  • ISO9002 Certified
  • Introduced our first patented design Twist Shifter named Turbo Grip SR-220.


  • Engineering team adopts use of 3D engineering, Pro-Engineering Software, accelerating research and development time and product development possibilities.
  • Authorized by Taiwan SEC to issue Stock Shares to Public.


  • Expanding again, Sun Race builds a new 265,000 square foot manufacturing facility/corporate headquarters at new location in Taoyuan, Taiwan (See Picture) Equipped with modern production lines as well as injection and machining factories located on site, the factory has been called by many as one of the most advanced factories in Taiwan.


  • Public Listing on Taiwan Stock Exchange on March 27th, 2000 as No.1526
  • ISO9001 Certified
  • Sun Race / Santa Cruz race team professional MTB race team formed. Kathy Pruitt wins the Women’s Jr. World DH championship in first year.
  • Acquired Sturmey-Archer of England. Manufacturing equipment, tooling, and parts moved from England to Taiwan.


  • Jan 8th, 2001, name officially changed to Sun Race Sturmey-Archer Inc.
  • Established China Factory in Wuxi City, Su Chou. The 55,000 square foot facility allows the advanced engineered designs of Sun Races’ entry-level product to stay cost competitive. This allows production of high end Sun Race product as well as all Sturmey Archer hubs to be produced exclusively in Taiwan.
  • Racing for team Sun Race / Santa Cruz, Kirk Molday wins NORBA National Cross Country Championship.
  • JuJu, Sun Races’ high end, competition level components are introduced after invaluable feedback from the previous two years of running the Sun Race / Santa Cruz race team.
  • Sun Race Sturmey-Archer Europe is established at the former Sturmey-Archer Europa BV in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to distribute Sun Race components in Europe.
  • Sturmey-Archer Internal Gear Hubs begin production in Taiwan. Numerous improvements are made to the product as well as the manufacturing processes, while simultaneously reducing the overall cost.


  • Sun Race Sturmey Archer USA moves to new US headquarters in Napa, CA.